Q - I have never worn these stockings before, how do I determine my colour?

A- If you have looked through our website on the What's My Shade page and still have not been able to determine your colour, feel free to contact us and we will provide you with a colour consultation ALL4UM4M@gmail.com


Q- The stockings appear quite dark in the package, how do I know that I chose the right colour?

A- Once you take the stockings out of the package and try them you will see how well they match.


Q-Why should I wear these stockings?

A- Micles Carnival Tights® are worn for a number of reasons.

1. These tights come in 6 different shades that closely match the colour of our skin

2. Carnival tights enhance your legs, making them look smoother.

3.They are able to hide and/or conceal (most) marks or scars on your legs.

4. Also many women like the versatility of the high or low waist tights for additional coverage.

5. Micles Carnival Tights® are created without seams, for a more natural look, not to take away from the beauty of your costume or outfit.

6. The tights help to secure everything in place. (i.e no wedgies)


Q- I normally wear medium, but according to the sizing chart I need to order a L/XL?

A- The sizing runs a little smaller, as long as you are in the correct weight range, you will get the correct fit.


Q- What colours do the stockings come in?

A - These stockings come in 6 different shades that closely match the colour of your skin; Little Colour, Suntan, Caramelo, Salmon, Brown & Gentle Brown


Q- I am a curvy woman, will these stockings fit around my hips?

A- These stockings have great stretching capability, if you are concerned about the fit, order high waist to ensure you have more room.


Q- I am 5'9 will these stockings fit me?

A- These stockings have great stretching capability, stretch them before you wear them.


Q- What is the difference between low waist and high waist?

A- The low waist style reaches below the navel and the high waist style is above the navel


Q- How do I wash these stockings?

A- Our recommendation is to hand wash and hang to dry, storing them in a cool dry place.


Q- How do I put these stockings on?

A- This is a slow process -don't rush it! (Be sure to trim nails and remove any jewelry that may catch)

  1. Stretch tights before wearing


  1. Roll tights up to the tip of the toe


  1. Place big toe inside rolled up tights, slowly glide tights over foot and knee (repeat process for other leg)


Q- Will these stockings rip or tear?

A- These stockings are more durable than the average stocking, but can rip, snag or tear if not careful.


Q- Do you ship to Canada?

A- Yes we do.


Q- Do you ship to the United States?

A- Yes we do.


Q- How long does shipping take?

A- Shipping takes approximately 3-5 business days.


Q- Are you affiliated with Micles in Trinidad?

A- Matched For Me is distributor for Micles Limited.


Q - Have the prices gone up?

A- As you are well aware, the price for fuel, delivery and materials has increased all over the world. You will notice that are prices have slightly increased to reflect inflation as of June 1, 2022
Sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause and thank you for your continued patronage.


Q- What is the return or exchange policy?

A- All sales are final.  However, customer satisfaction is important to Matched for Me, contact us to find out how we can assist your concern.